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Our commitment to your safety is #1.

We already, as a daily practice, follow universal precautions as outlined by the CDC, OSHA, and ADA standards of infection control. Safety is always our number one focus. Our high standard of care ensures that your trust and safety are never compromised. Check out the COVID-19 guideline update from our dental practice to keep you safe.

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Dentistry For Kids

Adults generally understand that while visiting the dentist might not be their favorite activity, it is an important one that cannot be avoided. Children do not yet have that knowledge, and this can make visiting the dentist rather difficult. The good news is that it is possible to create a good association with dental exams and dental cleanings to avoid further upset in the future - the important thing is to get started now. The sooner you get your child used to the idea of visiting us regularly, the easier it becomes for them to keep up to their dental appointments even as adults. Our child-friendly professionals can make their time here fun - visit our office at Henricksen Family Dental for more information.

Importance of Dentistry for Kids

Dental issues don’t stay away until we hit a certain age. Many parents believe that children won’t encounter serious dental issues or that any problems they do have will be fixed “naturally” as baby teeth fall out. The truth is that good oral health is important at any age and it’s especially vital to instill this idea into your children as soon as possible to avoid serious issues like a tooth or gum infection.

In addition to the above, sometimes children have small dental problems like an overbite or an underbite that need to be treated. If you realize that your child does not have properly aligned teeth, the sooner you bring them to us, the easier it is for us to fix the problem. When we start the correction process at an early age it is a lot faster and more comfortable to fix. Not only does early intervention before a child’s jaw is fully developed assist in proper teeth placement but it also ensures that their jaw is shaped and aligned well.

Children are also known to heal quicker which means that even a slightly invasive procedure will not keep them uncomfortable for too long. In general, children will take less time to recover than an adult, too. Getting them braces at a young age or fixing an underlying dental problem sooner is always better than later.

Keep Teeth Strong

Children should understand that good oral hygiene and health goes beyond cleaning their mouths. If your child is involved in an intense physical sport and you are not able to explain to them the importance of wearing a sporting mouthguard, bring them to our professionals. We will help them understand why and how to protect their teeth as well as the potential risks of playing without a mouthguard.

Makes Dental Care Fun

It's no secret that children tend to quickly become bored and when a dental procedure is overly long or monotonous, they often lose interest. Our professionals’ goal is to keep the appointment interesting while still imparting important knowledge about dental hygiene.

Bring your kids to us for a dental cleaning so that they learn the importance of dental hygiene and how they should look after their teeth. You can call us at (360) 740-2119 or visit our office at Henricksen Family Dental to book an appointment or for more information.

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Our child-friendly dental professionals can make their time here fun - visit our office at Henricksen Family Dental for more information about Dentistry For Kids.
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