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Applying Bioclear Matrix to tooth in ChehalisWho doesn’t want a white, bright, and beautiful smile? But, the reality is that most people aren’t born with a perfect set of teeth. So, if you really want to achieve your dream smile, you will most likely require some type of dental work.

If you feel like you have an imperfect smile because of chipped teeth or discoloration, then you may have scoured around for a few different options, such as porcelain veneers, dental bonding, and dental crowns. However, what if we told you there was another option?

Bioclear is a cosmetic dentistry treatment that can transform your smile in a single appointment! This treatment is stronger and more effective than dental bonding, and is more conservative than dental veneers.

Bioclear: What is it?

Bioclear is a non-invasive, innovative treatment that makes the use of a thin shell to tailor a dental composite material for your tooth. Once customized, you will have beautiful, natural-looking teeth.

What Can Bioclear Be Used For?

Bioclear can help with the following problems:
•  Chips
•  Stains
•  Discoloration
•  Cracks
•  Damage from decay
•  Gaps
•  Small-sized teeth
•  Uneven teeth

This treatment has become the new alternative to dental crowns, dental veneers, and dental bonding.

What’s the Bioclear Process?

Here are a few steps that the Bioclear process includes:
•  Your teeth will be meticulously cleaned by your dentist, after which they will gently push back your gums to isolate the area that requires work. Your dentist will then use a disclosing agent to highlight the former invisible traces of sticky biofilm. They will then use an instrument to remove any traces of biofilm. The cleaning powder used is solid enough to get rid of the microscopic sticky layer gathered on the surface of the teeth without causing them any harm.
•  In the next step, your dentist will select a thin mylar form from a myriad of shapes to create a mold for the surface of your new tooth.
•  In the third step, your dentist will slip the form under your gum line and inject a warmed composite resin to fill the form. This resin is quite different from the traditional bonding composite.
•  This resin will now be hardened using ultraviolet polymerization or light activation.
•  In the last step, the dentist will shape and polish your tooth, allowing it to blend seamlessly among your existing teeth.

This entire process requires a single appointment and is completely pain-free.

How Long Does Bioclear Last?

With proper care and maintenance, you can expect your Bioclear treatment to last at least 10 years or more. This is almost the same amount of time that dental veneers last, and is far longer lasting than dental bonding.

All in all, Bioclear is a minimally-invasive procedure that gives you healthy-looking teeth while ensuring that your tooth structure remains intact. Unlike dental veneers, this procedure doesn’t require any prep or shaving, which helps your tooth remain the way it is, giving you the opportunity to get any other procedure in the future.

Still have questions about Bioclear?

Henricksen Family Dental would love to answer all of your questions. Let us walk you through the Bioclear process. Call us at (360) 740-2119 for more information.

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