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Tips for Determining Which is the Right Toothbrush for You

Posted on 9/7/2020 by Henricksen Family Dental
Tips for Determining Which is the Right Toothbrush for YouYour toothbrush is your primary weapon against a constant invasion of bacteria and plaque and their undesirable attendant symptoms. Your choice of a toothbrush is, therefore, critical to your dental health and, by extension, your overall wellbeing.

But given the glut of products in the market, it's imperative to be guided by the answers to important questions such as "Which toothbrush size or shape suits me best?”, “What qualities should I expect in a good toothbrush?”, and “How often should I change my toothbrush?”

The first thing you should consider when shopping for toothbrushes is the bristles. Most dental associations approve soft-bristled brushes for everyone. Soft-bristled brushes can effectively remove bacteria and plaque in the mouth without abrading tissues in your gums or tongue or your enamel. You also need to consider the tips of the bristles. Rounded tips make it easier to brush hard-to-reach places like your back tooth. Want more tips for choosing a toothbrush? We have those, too!

Tips for Choosing a Toothbrush

When choosing between an electric and manual toothbrush, your primary consideration should be its practicality. For instance, if you're buying it for a family member who's usually not patient or strong enough to brush thoroughly (like children, seniors, and people suffering from arthritis), electric toothbrushes are your best bet. You also need to consider costs. Electric toothbrushes cost more to maintain and replace compared to manual toothbrushes.
But whether you're buying an electric or a manual type, you need to stick to reputable brands, even though it might cost you a little more. This will help you avoid quality and durability issues down the line.

You also need to look out for the design of the handle. Handle features like non-slip grips and flexible neck make it easier to brush thoroughly and cover hard-to reach areas.

Want even more tips for buying a toothbrush? You can always call our offices to get personalized recommendations for toothbrushes.

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